About Our School

Empowering parents and guiding children

Joyful Montessori is built on top of our years of experience in both running a Montessori school and teaching the Montessori method to other schools across Indonesia.

The Montessori method has a lot to offer to help improve education in Indonesia, and we hope that our school can help to make it available to more people.

Our Values

We believe that focusing on creating the best environment for children at school is not enough. Children don't stop learning once they left school. Their brain works all day, absorbing every experience they get from their surrounding.

This is why we believe that it is important to not only create a good environment at school, but to also empower and involve parents more in understanding their child's needs and education.

Empowering Parents

We help parents to understand more about their children by providing routine workshop and one-on-one sessions for parents where we can share and discuss more about early childhood education and their children's development.

Workshop topics can range from the Montessori principles and how to apply them at home, to knowledge about children behaviours and the best way to react to them.

Respect & Responsibility

We believe that respect and responsibility are two of the most important values that are necessary for a Montessori learning environment. Teachers and students are encouraged to prioritize these values in the midst of working and learning but most importantly at all times when working together and interacting with one another actively.


To accomplish something with the utmost results would need the right amount of enthusiasm and enjoyment. Work that’s done half-heartedly would have an unsatisfying result. Above all, a learning and work environment that is filled with enthusiasm and enjoyment would give a positive and great result, that eventually will affect the individual’s interests and the people around them positively.

Problem Solving

Conflicts can't always be avoided, and it’s often not unusual to experience them in classrooms. That is why Montessori encourages its students to become peacemakers and problem solvers that can overcome those conflicts peacefully.

We strongly encourage and teach our students and teachers to examine a problem thoroughly. We push them to learn and figure out the real core of the problem and find a good solution without jumping to conclusions or acting carelessly.

Care & Commitment

Lastly, to create a truly peaceful and comfortable environment, to care and commit is just as important. Montessori urges students to become respectful individuals with great integrity.

The act of caring between peers and teachers, and the act of committing to choices made are continuously practiced and emphasized in the classroom.

Our school

Our classroom adheres to the Montessori principles. We have one big open space as our classroom where students can move freely, interacting with each other and exploring the materials.

The classrooms are design to be cozy and friendly so that students can work comfortably and without distractions.

Free trial available

Want to see if we're a good fit for you and your child? Free trials are available for our online class and guided homeschooling program.